Man using calculator and calculate bills


We understand that budgets can be a challenging thing.  That's why we are proud to offer multiple ways to pay for services.

When you agree to work with us, you will be asked to select a method of billing.  You can choose multiple methods for multiple services, but each "project" should follow the same billing method for simplicity.

Rock Balancing


Pay for outcomes, not time.

Our personal favorite.  Pay for the outcome you require, not the time it took to get there. 

We'll do a surface gather of the business requirements, summarize for your confirmation, then provide you a dollar amount to do the work.  The amount then becomes part of the agreement, and we'll get started.

Pay everything up front, or as a percentage split.

This option assumes that the goal is to control spend by pre-determining everything that’s needed with minimal or no changes over time.



Pay for progress, not hours.

With Milestone Billing, we'll scope out the project start to finish, with a complete "Definition of Done".  Some projects may be ongoing; that's fine too.

From the scope, we will define key milestones of delivery.  Milestones are significant points of service or product delivery that are considered usable as-is.  Each milestone will generate an installment payment as a percentage of the total amount.  Most commonly, if your projects are Agile, we would tie a milestone to a given "story".

Don't let that frighten you, though.  In most projects with a large number of stories, only certain ones are good candidates for milestone treatment.  We'll work with you to choose which ones those are.

Want to extend the project?  No problem.  We'll identify how many additional milestones there are, and add them to the later half of the project.  There will always be a minimum of three milestones for every project.

This option assumes that the goal is to get the project(s) done within a finite period, with change flexibility.



Traditional consumption model.

If you're trying to stay consistent with how you pay other vendors, no problem.  There is a nominal administrative fee that will be added to each invoice to cover expenses related to time management.

This option assumes that there is a need for skilled resources for an indeterminate period of time.